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We provide a full range of asset storage services based on solutions from leading companies. All data is stored in highly secure datacenters in Switzerland and protected by Swiss law.

We advise on choosing the optimal custody provider.

Besides, our synergy with the SIS Network Platform allows clients to operate flexibly with their assets. All operations of a crypto-fiat exchange and non-custodial brokerage business in Switzerland acknowledged by regulators.

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Fully integrated hot-to-cold digital asset management solution for banks in need for a comprehensive self-custody highly secure, flexible and scalable infrastructure.


Revolutionary cloud-native, cloud-agnostic and AI technology for helping financial institutions and fintech companies of all sizes, in all sectors.


Hot and cold crypto-asset custody infrastructure solutions specifically designed for financial institutions that could be easily integrated in a reliable and scalable manner.


Solutions development for financial services such as stock exchanges, banks, asset managers based on distributed ledger technologies and blockchain.

Essential Components for the Business of the Future

Relaible Data Centers

ANETSIS NETWORK POPs are highly secure properties to store private keys in a distributed manner. It meets the requirements for secure storage and management of digital assets.

Trusted Blockchain

WISeKey Blockchain technology allows to exchange information in a trusted manner.

TON Blockchain is a fast and scalable next generation platform for decentralization.

Crypto Assets Custody

We offer an integrated secure custody solution for digital assets.

SIS Network Platform keeps secure digital keys that authorize transactions.

The partnership of trusted companies as the main component of success

ANETSIS makes available creating and maintaining a distributed highly protected and reliable data centers network.

WISeKEY provides secure authentication and identification, in both physical and virtual environments.

SIS develops crypto-assets custodian solutions and integrates all nessessary technologies into the single service.

Swiss Digital Assets

Why Switzerland?

FINMA implementing small banks regime on 27 November 2019
The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA is implementing the small banks regime at circular level as of 1 January 2020: small, particularly liquid and well capitalised banks are to be exempted from certain regulatory requirements. Download press release: DE | FR | IT | EN

Tax reform 2019 in the canton of Zug
On May 19, 2019, Swiss voters created the basis for the cantonal implementation of the tax reform, once the federal law on this reform was adopted. Thus, the effective integration of the tax reform takes place through its implementation in the cantonal tax laws.

Corporate tax rates in Swiss cantons
The low level of taxes represents a traditional advantage of Switzerland compared to other developed countries in efforts to attract large companies. Moreover, between the Swiss cantons is a continuous “fiscal struggle” for the lure of big investors.

Switzerland, an ideal location for foreign investors
In recent years, more and more entrepreneurs chose to set up companies abroad, wanting to benefit from certain tax or legal advantages, which in some cases may even be favorable to foreign investors.

Who receives a UID number in Switzerland?
All companies operating in Switzerland receive a business identification number (UID), allowing them to use a single number to be identified for all contacts with the administration and all administrative units.

Digital Exchange

SIX Digital Exchange – digital asset trading, settlement, custody infrastructure

Crypto Custodian

The World’s first trusted custodian for alternative investments by Swiss Digital Assets

Security Platform

A global cybersecurity company for people, objects using Blockchain, AI, IoT.

Swiss Digital Assets Mission

We build the new financial market infrastructure which will democratize access to wealth and make exclusive investments widely accessible.

Swiss Digital Assets

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